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Permanent Google Drive Link Generator

How to Use This Tool

1. Copy Google Drive link of Your File.
2. Paste it in the Above BOX.
3. Press Generate Secure link.
4. After that press Copy Button
5. Voila Now Encrypted link has been copied, Share it with your friends or on web

Who we are ❓

We are a Utility Website service through which you can share all Your google drive links to any person without risk of any privacy breach as we help you to encrypt your link.

What we do ❓

Our Work is simple, we take your google drive link from you and then convert it in a secure and encrypted link.

Our Policy

We are just a utility service provider we personally don't host any files on any of our servers.
So, if you find any copyrighted material being distributed through our website then please contact that site owner where link is indexed as we personally don't store any data in databses of any links, it's just our algorithm who does all work and encrypt and decrypt file links.